Water footprint generation

Q1. What are the typical steps involved in using this tool for water conservation efforts?
First step is for a user to enter his/her water usage lifestyle for various day-to-day activities where water is consumed. The tool will compute user's custom Water Footprint and make suggestions on how to improve it. User can review these suggestions and optionally make a pledge to explore if some of those suggestions are doable. User can then return after a few days of practice and re-enter his/her new usage profile and see how the footprint has improved. This can be done iteratively as many times as the user wishes.

Q2. What is Water Footprint?
There is no standard definition. However, we treat the following three numbers collectively as one’s Water Footprint – How much water one consumes, how much is being reused and how much is being recycled.

Q3. How much water can I conserve?
Based on your Water Footprint and your water usage profile, the tool will compute and advice how much you can save by three methods, called the 3 Rs – Reduce consumption, Reuse and Recycle. Note that these suggestions and the computed potential savings are specific to you. Amounts will vary based on how people use water in various activities in their day-to-day lives.

Q4. I live in an apartment community where I cannot implement some of the suggestions. What do I do?
Many of the suggestions, specifically related to Rain water harvesting and centralized sewage treatment can only be done at a community level, specifically if one is living in an apartment/villa community. One may need to gather like-minded people within the community to take it forward.

Q5. There are many activities where profile can be entered, e.g. Bathroom, Kitchen, Car wash and so on? How many should I enter info for?
Even though you can enter information for one or a few activities but in that case generating a partial Water Footprint would be an incomplete exercise. Ideally you should profile as many activities as applicable to you before you save. This will also help you to accurately see improvements in your footprint over time. Otherwise, when you enter information for new activities in a later iteration, your consumption will show an increase because of new activities while you may actually be improving your foot print with respect to other activities profiled earlier.

Q6. Can I experiment with the tool without registering or login?
Yes, you can compute your Water Footprint as a guest user. However, as a guest user, you will be unable to save your water usage profile and footprint for future use to measure your improvements. You can register or login using Facebook to be able to save.

Q7. What will the site do with my profile data / footprint?
We do not forward or use any individual specific data except for computing & sharing your footprint with you. However, your pledged values are added to those of all the site users who have also pledged. This total number is captured in the summary charts on the home page.

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